The Power of Bodywork for Treating Scoliosis

case studies Mar 05, 2024

This student has dementia so does not do exercises between our sessions. Progress was made exclusively during our sessions where I applied a combination of massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and supported stretching. 

These photos show progress between the initial session and after 15 - 17 hours over 3 months. In all of them, he is standing as tall as he is able.

He went from needing a great deal of support to lie on his back without pain to doing back bends without support.

His descending colon was forced to cross his abdomen, now it rests closer to its rightful place along his left side.

All his organs have more space.

His ribcage has returned to a more natural shape in most places, which allows him to breathe more freely.

The "hump" on his back was once a hard mass, it is now supple.

The spinous process of his thoracic vertebrae were once "glued" to his right ribs in some places, now they are de-rotating towards the correct position.

This transformation was achieved without the student doing work between sessions. Imagine the transformation possible if he was able to do the stretching and strengthening exercises daily.

My training at the Yoga Union Center for Back Care and Scoliosis, coupled with years of experience with scoliosis patients, has deepened my understanding of this condition. I can confidently say that scoliosis does not have to mean a lifetime of pain or compromise. And surgery is almost never the best option! It is especially easy to manage if it is nipped it at its onset.

Some signs you may have scoliosis:

-one foot points out or is always forward of the other

-one hip lower or forward of the other

-one shoulder forward or lower than another

-the formation of a “hunchback”

-constant pain or tightness in one or a few places in the back

-you feel you are straight when lying on the floor, but you can see that you are not

If you notice a structural imbalance forming, contact me. You CAN get better and stay that way if you’re willing to be persistent in your work. I can show you how.

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