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Are you tired of managing pain instead of living fully?

"Caitilin Twain is the best guide for your journey to self-healing." -ew


Get pain to a manageable level

I help you locate the true source of your pain, which is often not where you feel it. Then we heal that using a combination of the latest research and ancient wisdom.


create a
customized plan 

You're unique, and so should the approach be when it comes to healing.  We meet your body where it is and  tailor your routines according to what your body needs.


become your own best healer

I demystify your body's signals, give you tools and insights, and am there for you as you grow into your happiest, healthiest self. Ultimately, you know what you need to live pain-free.





"Caitilin's fierce compassion and dedication are unparalleled. 

It is so much more than yoga. I have done many types of one on one sessions and I have never found someone so grounded, so present, and powerfully knowledgable as I have found in Caitilin. She combines her learned knowledge and wisdom with her intuition to search out just the right teaching to help me arrive at exactly where I need to be that day.
I leave feeling empowered to make the changes I need to make and to live healthier than I did the day before." 


ways to work with me

Private Sessions

Apply to work with me in-person in NYC or remotely.

"What I'm experiencing from my Zoom private sessions with Caitilin is way more than I ever expected. Along with her exceptional knowledge of anatomy and yoga, she is laser-focused on every which way my body moves, and what I need to do to self-correct. " -ME

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3-month coaching intensive

An intensive, holistic coaching experience designed to help you heal and thrive for the long-term

"Maybe it's the lifestyle changes, maybe it's the exercises, maybe it's the new foods I'm eating. I can't put my finger on any one thing that caused the change, but what is certain is that this is the fruit of Caitilin's work. 

After 20 years of excruciating pain, my body is finally feeling much better." -TS  

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Fit for the Future

Join the Fit for the Future Program, f
our months of a perfect combination of regular 1:1 sessions with me, a personalized plan, and a group to support you the entire way.

"The course is revelatory and life-changing. I am deepening my knowledge and skills over time, revisiting the materials. It is enough to begin the process of healing, and I would say that giving myself this is what is saving me, one day at a time." -ALF

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I will be hosting retreats in 2024. Join the waitlist for early access to the sign ups.

 "The retreat gave me the space and tools to focus on my body and quiet my mind. Caitilin showed me how to realign my spine, shoulders and hips. I left excited to get stronger and integrate the healthy lifestyle habits I learned." -AF

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Breathwork Course - self-guided

So many people are hurting themselves with dysfunctional breathing when they could be healing themselves instead. Learn how to breathe in a way that powerfully increases your mental and physical health. 

" Learning breathwork with Caitilin completely changed my relationship with my body." -JM

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Microbiome reset course - self-guided

A diverse and healthy microbiome is the key to enjoying a thriving body and mind. Join me as I share over 12 years of studying and applying the most promising research to my own lifestyle. 

I’ll teach you how to bring balance and health back into your life with healing foods, exercises, and small changes in your lifestyle that lead to amazing outcomes.

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Yoga Nidra - self-guided

Studies show that Yoga Nidra helps move you into a truly relaxed state from which you can deeply heal. 

These guided meditations are accompanied with a series of gentle movement routines and tips for finding comfortable positions to help prepare you for the sessions.

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not sure where to start? I'll help find the best option for you.

Book a free inquiry call for personalized guidance on your healing journey.

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1:1 coaching 

These transformations were achieved exclusively from my bodywork

I can say with confidence that scoliosis does not have to be a sentence of life-long pain and compromise. And surgery is almost never the best option!
It is especially easy to manage if it is nipped at its onset.

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She came with shoulder pain, she left free of diverticulisis

Caitilin helped me recover from a particularly painful episode, but more importantly, she set me on a path to long term wellness.

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He Came To Me For Neck Pain, He Left Free From His Addictions

What began as a journey to unravel the mysteries of my physical ailments ended up becoming just as much about emotional self-awareness as physical therapy.

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Pain is your body's way of signaling that something needs your attention.


Do you want to know what it is? 

This comprehensive self-assessment quiz will help you locate your pain at its source. Immediately begin to heal your anxiety, depression, GI issues, or physical misalignments to be pain-free once and for all.

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