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I want to restore your faith in your own body

Hi! My name is Caitilin Twain.


I can relate to the emotional toll of being sick or in pain.

I understand your frustration with the non-linear path that healing takes.

When I was 20 years old I was bitten by a tick, which took me on a long and often painful battle with debilitating Lyme Disease and a thyroid disorder.

I blindly implemented the advice of doctors, then health gurus. I followed fad health diets and took the latest miracle supplements.

But there is no single magic cure.

Once I tuned into the wisdom of my own body and learned to understand and honor its messages, I began to truly repair and rebuild.

I learned first-hand the healing potency of mindset, of constructive rest, of breath, movement, and an optimal microbiome. I take no prescription drugs, yet the nodules on my thyroid are nearly gone, and at 53 I have the biomarkers of a healthy 30 year old.

Over the last 18 years I've helped countless people heal themselves using my tools, and I know they will help you too.


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"Caitilin's presence in my life has been essential to helping me be patient and good to my body. 

I cannot recommend her enough." -EC


MY approach to healing


When we fix a part we can fix the whole.


When we take a holistic approach to healing we fix so much more than just the pain point.

Time and time again, when people have come to me with one issue, they have left with other parts unexpectedly healed. 

I’ve witnessed diverticulitis cured while addressing a painful shoulder, antidepressant meds being no longer necessary when we healed a student’s neck pain, and so much more.

This is because I deeply understand the mind-body connection.

I'm a certified hatha and prenatal yoga teacher. My 300-hour advanced yoga studies focused on scoliosis and back care. Over the last 17 years I've expanded my tool chest to include yoga therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, breathwork, and all things leading to microbiome health. I am certified by Jill Miller to teach the Roll Model Method, and I continue to study anatomy and bodywork from leading experts including Tom Meyers and Gil Hedley.

Your healing journey will be as unique as you are, but I know how to demystify your body and give you the tools to heal it on all levels.

The best part?


‚ÄúI am confident now that I have the tools to overcome my suffering, and that no matter what obstacles stand in the way of my progress, I will overcome them handily.‚ÄĚ -DN


The C.Twain Method is built around the belief that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. We must all learn to tune into what our own unique body needs to heal and thrive.

I encourage active participation from my students on their healing journey. This requires curiosity and cultivating discipline born out of self-love. 

My approach to healing is to use all of the wisdom we have at our disposal - I believe that there is no contradiction between medical science and a holistic approach to wellness. Instead, complete and long-term wellbeing can be found where the two meet.

Health science is evolving at fast speeds, and I encourage you to lean into new insights, to remain skeptical until you have evidence, and to track data around your own health journey.


how to work with me


Last year I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff issue that was brought on by a combination of tension and improper use of my body as a professional dog trainer. Surgery was mentioned as a possibility and I was told by a physical therapist that yoga could possibly turn things around for me. The issue was finding a really qualified yoga teacher and I found that person in Caitilin Twain.

An unexpected bonus was that my gastrointestinal issues have been cured. I had been told by my doctor that I had a chronic case of diverticulitis and that I couldn't expect relief. Caitilin gave me some exercises and helped me re-asses my eating habits, and six months into the practice I found relief from something I thought would be a lifelong problem.

I am now finally going in the right direction with my body.
Originally I started working with Caitilin to improve my flexibility for riding, and I soon discovered that there were several other benefits to be gained. For example, I had learned to live with a restricted range of motion in my left shoulder from a ‚Äúfrozen shoulder‚ÄĚ a number of years before. Caitilin did not think that was acceptable and within a few months the range of movement was almost back to where it had been before the problem. Later I had issues with high blood pressure. There are several exercises, including breath work, that Caitilin has taught me that have made a significant difference and have become part of my regime to reduce it to normal. The result is that the original flexibility I sought for my riding has improved and I have these other benefits too. Then there is the way I feel after an hour with Caitilin, which is about the best I feel at any other time of the week.
When I met Caitilin I was very skeptical about her belief that I could be without pain.
Dozens of doctors had not been able to cure me, and I’d lost hope.
But with kindness and persistence, she directed me into a better place. Initially, after each session with her my body did feel better, but quickly returned to a state of pain. After a few months, my range of motion increased and the pain decreased. After some more time, I’m even better.
Maybe it's the lifestyle changes, maybe it's the exercises, maybe it's the new foods I’m eating. I can't put my finger on any one thing that caused the change, but what is certain is that she is behind all these, and that this is the fruit of her work.
After 20 years of excruciating pain, my body is finally feeling much better.
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