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Personalized holistic healthcare and science-driven wellbeing

I guide you to greater physical and emotional potential by showing the connections between your body, mind and environment.

I help you find the root source of your pain.

Using a combination of modern science and ancient wisdom, we create your roadmap to complete health.

Ultimately, you’ll be empowered to be in charge of your own health and long-term wellbeing.

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I believe that illness and injury can be great teachers. 

I battled Lyme disease and a thyroid disorder off and on for 25 years. Once I stopped feeling that my body was failing me, I began to see each 'set back' as a fresh opportunity to learn and to heal on a deeper level.  

Over the years, I learned a lot about moving, eating, breathing and living well so that I could ultimately BE well, and I’m going to share everything I know so that you too can thrive.



I envision a reality where medicine is an integration of modern science
and ancient wisdom. 

Discover the five pillars of the c.twain method


We've evolved over millions of years to be a brilliant self-healing organism, yet we've been taught that only a pill/doctor/healer can cure us.

I want to restore your faith in your body's potential to heal, and I help you tap into your fighter's mindset. No pathogen, no illness, no injury will be able to take you down without a fierce fight.

Constructive rest

The body can't do the hard work of fighting illness and repairing if we keep burning it out. 

I teach you to know the difference between laziness and a genuine need for rest. I also teach how to down-regulate and function out of the "rest and digest" nervous system, the only state in which you can heal.


So many people are hurting themselves with dysfunctional breathing when they could be healing themselves instead.

Knowing how to breathe in a way that supports you will powerfully increase your mental and physical health. 

Movement / bodywork

The circulatory system is responsible for fighting off illness, delivering nourishment, eliminating waste, and so much more. When we move, even very gently or through massage, we are helping the circulatory system.

I teach which moves are the best medicine as you progress along your path to your strongest, healthiest self.

microbiome health

One of the biggest turning points in my recovery was when I learned about the importance of having a healthy microbiome. 

When I'm about to eat or do anything, I ask myself if it is good or bad for my microbiome. Always, if it is good for my microbiome, it is the healthier choice.

work with me


“When I met Caitilin I was very skeptical about her belief that I could be without pain. Dozens of doctors had not been able to cure me, and I’d lost hope. But with kindness and persistence, she directed me into a better place. After 20 years of excruciating pain, my body is finally feeling much better.”
"I came to Caitilin after a diagnosis of scoliosis explained the aches and imbalances I'd experienced for years. Working with her has improved my flexibility and strength and reduced the pain. But more importantly, our practice has restored my confidence in what my body is capable of."


“I was devastated to think that this was my new normal. Caitlin dispelled those fears and set me on a path to long term wellness. I have been pain-free for over 5 months.
There is no better guide for your journey to self-healing.”
Are you ready to change your life?

the Fit for the future group program

When I work with older students I see the accumulation of their daily choices and IT IS MY STRONGEST MOTIVATOR to maintain healthy habits. I want to be vibrant in my old age, and I bet you do too.

No matter how sick or defeated you feel, it's time to start unlocking your muscles and joints, and healing all systems before it becomes too hard to do so.

Excellent health and joy are your birthrights!

Why not start claiming them now?

Start by joining my 4-month Fit for the Future program. Learn how to find the lessons from old setbacks and turn them into wisdom to guide you to a better future. Get in better health than you think is possible. Connect with others who are doing the same.

Do it for those you love, do it for the love of yourself.

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Pain is your body's way of signaling that something needs your attention.


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