Stabilize Your Sacrum

move well Nov 22, 2021

Your low back pain might be coming from misaligned hips. Here's a relaxing fix.

There are many possible reasons we might have one hip bone in front of the other. No matter how we got there, the result is often pain in the low back, and maybe even in the hips themselves.

This is my personal go-to when I feel my low back starting to complain, and often I’m up and running just 10-15 minutes later. I also do this if I feel one glute (butt cheek) is much tighter than the other.

Try this fix before you go rushing to the chiropractor’s office or for that jar of muscle relaxants.

I’ve used this as an effective first step for people who’ve thrown their hips out in an accident and are in acute pain. It can often decrease muscle spasms, allowing for gentle movement that otherwise would be too painful.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve done this with the block in the higher positions, as taught in yoga classes as “supported bridge pose”, know that this isn’t the same. In this instance, less/lower is usually more.

Pain is your body's way of signaling that something needs your attention.


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