Case Study: The Shoulder Hip Connection

case studies Mar 14, 2024

I barely touched this student's shoulders.

The increase in range of shoulder motion is simply a side benefit of us lengthening his leg and hip muscles over ten sessions.

This photo is the perfect visual of the shoulder hip connection: You simply cannot get lasting relief from shoulder pain without opening up the hips and vice versa. 

Most people think that in order to fix their (insert body part) they must rub, stretch, or get an adjustment on that (body part). NOT SO!!!

This student still has work to do. Once his legs and hips are better aligned we will begin to focus on his shoulders directly, and I expect to see a nearly normal range of motion. 

If we had focused only on his shoulders and ignored his hips we would be stuck in a loop of repair-and-repeat. 

This is why my mantra is " Where you feel the pain is rarely the source of the pain." If you want true and lasting relief from your pain, you must focus elsewhere!

If your shoulders are bothering you, the root source of the pain may be coming from as far away as your feet, as is the case with this student. 

Do you know that

  • neck pain often stems from tight biceps
  • shoulder range of motion is often increased by lengthening the muscles between the hips and armpits
  • knee pain often comes from tight hips
  • wrist pain is often resolved by focusing on muscles closer to the elbow and neck

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Pain is your body's way of signaling that something needs your attention.


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