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inital consult

Start here for new students. Includes a comprehensive intake form, 90-minutes with Caitilin, and a full report and plan towards optimal health.



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Single Session

For existing students or it can be combined with an Initial Consult. Give them something you know they already love and need.



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5 class pack

For existing students or it can be combined with an Initial Consult. Give them more of something you know they already love and need.



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"I recently began practicing yoga with several physical limitations due to back and muscle surgeries and Caitilin's understanding of anatomy and how the human body works allowed me to begin a practice safely.

Both in private and group settings I have felt that I am able to work to the best of my ability with the encouragement and the corrections that she offers with each pose.

Caitilin has a very gentle and calm personality which fits perfectly with the practice of yoga.  She has made yoga an important part of my life."


"Caitilin and I began private practice very soon after my foot surgery. She encouraged me to begin without waiting for the recovery and creatively set up a practice that was all accomplished on the matt with supports and without any stress on my foot. She was correct in that it did aid in my recovery and was extremely beneficial in strengthening other areas of my body during this recovery period.

Additionally, Caitilin has an amazing way of verbalizing the steps you need to take to reach the deeper muscle groups, making each familiar pose feel like one you have never done before. Her calm energy and strength are inspiring in class and long after you drive off to begin your day."



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