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3-month coaching intensive

are you Ready to heal and thrive for the long-term?


Embark on Your Healing Journey with a 3-Month Coaching Intensive for Resilience and Renewal 

Are you currently navigating the challenging path of injury or treatment for a major illness like cancer or Lyme disease?

Do you aspire to find holistic alternatives, steering clear of invasive surgeries and embracing a journey towards excellent recovery?

Perhaps you're yearning for freedom from chronic pain, or seeking relief from the shadows of depression, anxiety, and insomnia without relying solely on prescription drugs.

Do you crave a calm and supportive person to support you as you navigate your health challenge?


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"I found relief from something I thought would be a lifelong problem


I had been told by my doctor that I had a chronic case of diverticulitis and that I couldn't expect relief. Caitilin gave me some exercises and helped me re-asses my eating habits, and I found relief from something I thought would be a lifelong problem.

I am now finally going in the right direction with my body.”


Your 3-month program

 Starting with an in-depth Initial Consult, I will lead you on the path to long-term wellbeing.
We'll meet for one hour each week to advance your knowledge of life-giving tools such as breathwork, movement, nutrition and a healing mindset.
We will also meet 3x per week for fifteen minutes to assess the best actions for you to take that day.
Our approach will be holistic and guided by the wisdom of your own body.

The three month intensive is a $4,000 investment in your health and well-being.

 With this investment you get:

A 90-Minute Initial Consult

10 1-Hour Single Sessions

3 Weekly Personal 15-Minute Check-ins

Access to the C.Twain Coaching Portal with additional resources 


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Your transformation awaits

Here's what I offer

Tailored Holistic Strategies

The 3-month coaching intensive is designed for individuals like you who understand the value of a holistic approach to health. I craft personalized strategies to complement your medical treatment, focusing on well-rounded well-being.


Surgery-Free Solutions

I have helped countless people avoid surgery with manual and movement therapies.


Post-Surgery Excellence

For those who've undergone surgery and seek optimal recovery, this intensive coaching program is your path to postoperative excellence. I work hand-in-hand with you and your doctor to accelerate recovery and enhance overall well-being.


Freedom from Chronic Pain

Unshackle yourself from the chains of chronic pain. I teach a combination of proven practices to alleviate pain, promoting a life of comfort and mobility.


Relief Beyond Medication

If you're tired of relying solely on prescription drugs for managing depression, anxiety, or insomnia, I offer an array of tools and methodologies to supplement your journey towards emotional well-being. Discover relief through natural, highly effective solutions.


Guidance and Accountability

Recognizing the power of guidance and accountability, this coaching intensive ensures you have a dedicated ally throughout your transformative journey. Benefit from personalized attention, expert advice, and a structured accountability system tailored to your unique needs.


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expert guidance
personalised plan

"I leave feeling empowered to make the changes I need to live healthier than I did the day before."


why choose This intensive?



Proven Results: This program is backed by success stories of individuals who've experienced profound transformations on their journey to healing.

Holistic Approach: I believe in addressing the mind, body, and spirit for comprehensive well-being, ensuring you receive well-rounded support.

Expert Guidance: I'm dedicated to guiding you through every step, offering a wealth of knowledge and support.

Customized Solutions: No two healing journeys are alike. I tailor our strategies to align with your unique goals, preferences, and medical considerations.

Accountability System: Stay on track with the structured accountability system, fostering commitment and progress throughout the entire 3-month intensive.


The time to embark on your healing journey is now. Don't let major illness, chronic pain, or mental health challenges define your story. Join my 3-month coaching intensive and rediscover the health and  strength within you.

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your teacher

I'm Caitilin Twain

I'm a holistic health coach, bodyworker, and yoga teacher. I mentor people wanting to get well and strong once and for all.

I will help you find the root source of your problems and give you the tools to heal them.

I will teach you how to understand from your body what it needs so you can feel vibrant, happy, and able to do whatever you would like to do.

I've healed myself from chronic Lyme disease and a thyroid disorder, and today I have the biomarkers of a healthy thirty year old. I'm 52 and am more vibrant and happy than most of my previous decades.

It would be my honor to guide you on your own journey to excellent health!


More about me

From my students

"Caitilin and I began private practice very soon after my foot surgery. She encouraged me to begin without waiting for the recovery and creatively set up a practice that was all accomplished on the matt with supports and without any stress on my foot. She was correct in that it did aid in my recovery and was extremely beneficial in strengthening other areas of my body during this recovery period. Additionally, Caitilin has an amazing way of verbalizing the steps you need to take to reach the deeper muscle groups, making each familiar pose feel like one you have never done before. Her calm energy and strength are inspiring in class and long after you drive off to begin your day."


"I had reconstructive surgery (due to breast cancer) which relocated my latisimus dorsi muscles (in my back) to the front of my body. This has created issues for me including deep knotted muscles and restrictions on certain postures.
Caitlin has been so in tune with my issues - more than my doctors - and has offered me such helpful postures and stretches which make me stronger and feeling better." 
"Caitilin played an integral role in my healing journey with breast cancer.
With her instruction and support, restorative yoga became an invaluable tool that helped me navigate the most difficult year of my life.
Caitilin is experienced and knowledgeable, yet humble. She truly carries herself with grace.
These qualities supported me emotionally, spiritually, and physically as I went through surgery and chemotherapy.
She really helped me immensely, and for this, I will be forever grateful."


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Help your loved one start their health journey, overcome chronic pain or simply feel better in their body for the rest of their lives.


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