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Learn about yourself with this powerful free tool

This Tracker Sheet is one of the most useful tools I have for determining what actually works for me. It's how I learned that most "miracle" diets / supplements / exercises / etc may be great for others, but not so much for me.

I discovered

- raw kale was poisoning me

- I do benefit from ashwagandha

- the keto diet makes me feel like a serial killer

- and so, so much more!

What do you want to know as you strive for better health? It takes less than two minutes a day to get clarity on what actually works for YOUR body using insights from this tool.

Click below to access your customizable Tracker Sheet with a video explaining how to use it. It's a powerful step towards lasting wellbeing.

To your excellent health!


I believe that illness and injury can be great teachers. 

I battled Lyme disease and a thyroid disorder off and on for 25 years. Once I stopped feeling that my body was failing me, I began to see each 'set back' as a fresh opportunity to learn about myself and to heal on a deeper level.  

Years ago I developed this tracking tool to learn which foods, supplements, exercises and daily habits helped me heal and which hurt me. The results speak for themselves: the nodules on my thyroid are almost gone without any pharmaceutical intervention. I have not had a Lyme relapse in over 7 years. I'm 52 and have the biomarkers of a healthy 30 year old.

This tracking tool is a critical piece of my recovery story, and I'm excited to learn what insights and progress you will gain from using it!



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“When I met Caitilin I was very skeptical about her belief that I could be without pain. Dozens of doctors had not been able to cure me, and I’d lost hope. But with kindness and persistence, she directed me into a better place. After 20 years of excruciating pain, my body is finally feeling much better.”
“I worked with Caitilin for the better part of a year, and I feel better now than I ever have since being injured, and possibly even before that. I am confident now that I have the tools to overcome my suffering, and that no matter what obstacles stand in the way of my progress, I will, on balance, overcome them handily.” DN
“Caitlin set me on a path to long term wellness. I have been pain-free for over 5 months.
Caitilin’s healing power extends beyond her knowledge of anatomy—she is kindness and patience incarnate, an incomparable positive and encouraging presence. There is no better guide for your journey to self-healing."EW