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Personalized holistic healthcare and science-driven wellbeing

"Then there is the way I feel after an hour with Caitilin, which is about the best I feel at any other time of the week." - PM

Due to my very limited availability, I’m only accepting new students who are highly motivated to do what is required to achieve their goals. This means showing up for yourself every day in a way that respects and protects your healing process.

Here are the options for working with me:



$300, 1.5 hours

The Initial Consult is 90 minutes and is for new students only. I will create a customized plan based on this initial assessment and your goals.

With the Initial Consult you’ll get:

  • An Intake Questionnaire that helps you take stock of your health history, your lifestyle, and your health goals
  • 90 minutes with Caitilin Twain in person in NYC or remotely
  • Caitilin’s assessment report with notes and media from the session
  • Customized plan based on your goals and initial assessment
  • Personalized recommendations and resources
  • Lifetime access to your portal on the C.Twain Coaching Platform


$225, 1 hour (only for existing students)


$1000 (expires in 2 months)



The 3-month package includes an Initial Consult, 10 sessions, and 3- 15 minute check-ins weekly.


I look forward to guiding you on your healing journey!


“I worked with Caitilin for the better part of a year, and I feel better now than I ever have since being injured, and possibly even before that. What began as a journey to unravel the mysteries of my physical ailments ended up becoming just as much about emotional self-awareness as physical therapy. 

The implications of that transformation are joyous and very significant.” -DN

"When I met Caitilin I had tried seriously for 15 years to get into yoga. I went to accomplished teachers, but I invariably came out feeling that I wasn’t doing it right.

When Caitilin worked with me, it all made a lot of sense and I could see what I needed to do, how to go about it, and how much more there is ahead. I'm 51, and I feel stronger and more vibrant than I did 15 years ago." -VD

"When I was recommended to work with Caitilin for my knee, my expectation for a good outcome was low. I was very surprised that after just five sessions, my chronic knee pain and swelling were gone. I also feel much better with my core strength and flexibility.

I wish I would have known her earlier and not had a year of knee pain and swelling when exercising. " -YA